Hosting a Swan Song Festival 2021 Event

We are pleased you are interested in joining the Community Deathcare Canada (CDC) 3rd Annual Swan Song Festival on October 16th and 17th, 2021. The festival theme this year is “REMEMBERING”. We invite you to connect your event to this theme in a way that is meaningful for your community. Events can be held online or in person (following COVID-19 guidelines in your area).

Alone we are small, together we are mighty. This is the goal of the Swan Song Festival, to unite on a national scale and bring awareness to the work of CDC and like-minded organizations across Canada. By partnering with CDC and joining our Festival, your event will be part of a national network of practitioners, organizations and citizens who are eager to transform our communities. All events will be connected and posted on the Swan Song Festival website.

Letters of Intent must be received by June 15th, 2021 (Don’t worry! Late submissions will still be considered). Event proposals will be reviewed by the CDC Swan Song Festival Steering Committee. Once approved, you will be contacted to finalize your submission. All Lead Hosts will be notified of approval no later than July 25th, 2021.

Still not sure if you want to host? Need inspiration? Take a peek at the 2020 summary report and check out past events here: 2019 | 2020


Simply fill out this letter of intent form (suggested method):

OR, fill out the attached document and send it back to

Please send any questions you may have to Madeline Christie and/or Judith McGill on behalf of the Swan Song Festival Steering Group at: and/or