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I have been searching for blog posts for our new website and recently heard back from Michelle Pante and Reena Lazar who have co-founded Willow.

At Willow their goal is to transform the often overwhelming and fragmented process of advance planning into a rich opportunity for personal growth and transformation.  I found it fascinating to read why they have chosen Willow as the name for their business!

Why We’re Called Willow

Willow trees are diverse and ubiquitous at the same time; there are hundreds of willow tree species found throughout the world.

Willows are flexible, resilient, vigorous, regenerative, adaptive, useful, and beautiful.

Willows have healing pro

perties. The tree bark is the source of salicylic acid, used in natural remedies and the active ingredient in the painkiller, Aspirin.

The classic graceful Weeping Willow is, in many cultures, a symbol of sorrow, mourning and even immortality. Willows evoke protection, movement and surrender.

Willows are soft and strong, able to thrive pretty much anywhere.

“The willow enables us to realize that within every loss lies the potential for something new.”

Michelle and Reena generously offered the posts from their website as material for the blog postings here.  Having just read through a number of their posts, I highly recommend their site as a place to find interesting, inspiring and heartfelt stories.

Michelle Pante is a Co-Founder of Willow and is described on their site as compassionate, creative, insightful, and able to cut through the chaos to achieve clarity, and they state she is energized by death, dying and grief as pathways to healing.

 Reena Lazar is also a Co-Founder of Willow and is described as a creative thinker, compassionate listener and a facilitator of peace on every level.  They state Reena is fuelled by her passion for personal growth + transformation.

Their blog site can be found at: http://willoweol.com/blog/

Some of the posts really hit home for me.  Here are the links to a couple of the ones I have just read:

To serve or be served?


Healing, dying and the medicine of human relationships

On their website there is much more!!!! Read and if you are anything like me you will be deeply touched. I am grateful for the work they are doing.

Sue Muirhead



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