First Home Funeral Practicum in Regina

Don Morris, Denise Seguin Horth and Sharon Pulvermacher stand behind a cremation container at a home funeral practicum in Regina, Sask. on Sunday May. 29, 2016. The personalized messages written on the container are an example of how a family might participate in the preparation of a home funeral. MICHAEL BELL MICHAEL BELL / REGINA LEADER-POST

Don, Denise and Sharon are featured in a great article posted in the Regina Leader-Post. Don who is a core member of the Canadian Community for Death Midwifery shared the following quote,

“… a home funeral or vigil is really a return to what families did decades ago, when the body of a loved one was prepared and kept at home as people gathered to remember the person and bid farewell. Over time, “we lost the appreciation for the home vigil,” he said.

Morris hopes participants left with an understanding that “they can find the inner strength, the love and the willpower and the community to do this work.”

This practicum was led by instructor Don Morris, a retired funeral director now living in Victoria with family ties in Saskatchewan accompanied by hosts, Sharon Pulvermacher and Denise Seguin Horth.

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