Create a “Listing” and get on the map!

Put yourself on the MapIf you wish to be listed as member of the community, you can create a “Listing” to be searchable on the map. Your listing will describe who you are, including a brief biography, your experiences and offerings, and your contact informati

By entering your address, a pin is placed on the map. When the cursor hovers over the pin, your name will be displayed. Clicking on the pin will reveal the complete listing underneath the map. Users can search for listings using multiple criteria such as name, location, and also a free-form text search. Please note if you share the same postal code, it will display with multiple pins on top of each other.


The Process of Creating a Listing

Create Listing 3

  • 1. Review Considerations
    Before creating a listing, we ask that you review the “Questions to consider when creating a listing” outlined below.
  • 2. Sign-up
    Using the button at the bottom of this page (“Put yourself on the Map”), you will be directed to a signup page. This page will ask you to provide your contact information before creating a listing. Your username will be used solely for the purpose of creating and editing your listing. It will not appear in your listing.

    Please ensure that there are no spaces in your username. Be sure to copy down your username and password somewhere for safe-keeping.

  • 3. Receive Confirmation Email
    Once you have signed-up, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link in the confirmation email. The link will open a page on the Community Deathcare Canada website that will enable you to navigate to the top menu and choose [Edit Listing] to start filling in your profile details.

    Note: By signing up,  you will automatically be subscribed to Community Deathcare Canada communications (email notices, newsletters, etc.). You will also receive a confirmation email for that subscription, which will require a separate response to activate.

  • 4. Create a Listing
    Once you begin creating your listing you can log out at any point and resume the process by logging back in. Be sure to fill in all of the required fields.
  • 5. Edit Listing
    To edit your listing select the menu item “Edit Listing” or under the “Find a Listing” menu in the main navigation bar at the top.

Guide to Creating a Listing

See a step-by-step guide to creating and editing your listing here. You will be able to print this guide if you choose, as an aid in following along with the instructions. TIP: Use a text file (.txt) to type up your listing offline, and then you can copy and paste into fields; SAVE frequently so you don’t lose everything.


Questions to consider when creating a listing

The questions below are provided in order to give you an idea of what information is requested in a listing. The actual questions will be within the sign-up form. The more details you provide, the richer your listing will be. When other using the website are looking for practitioners, information, and services, your profile will help match others‘ needs with your particular offerings.

  1. Are you interested in being part of a community of diverse deathcare practitioners and supporters, whose orientation and offerings resonate with CDC’s vision, mission and values?
  2. Do you have a statement ready for posting that describes your values and approach ?
  3. Do you have a short bio and picture of yourself to post on the listing (no more than 1MB in size)?
  4. Can you describe your previous experiences in offering deathcare? Are you actively connected to other deathcare-related groups and communities? What is that relationship?
  5. In what ways are you committed to ongoing, life-long learning and evaluation?

Put yourself on the Map