3rd Annual Swan Song Festival 2021

List of Events and Schedule

This year’s Swan Song Festival will include online and in-person events, over the weekend of October 16th and 17th, with intimate talks, meditations, and evenings of songs and poetry.

Join a contemplative living death ceremony, or a mini-boat flotilla at a meaningful body of water. Learn about virtual memorials, end-of-life rituals, eulogies, legacy projects, and much more!

Events are available free or for a nominal fee.

Below is a comprehensive list of individual events, complete with titles, descriptions, links for how to attend,
in your specific time zone, so you can PLAN OUT YOUR WEEKEND!


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Well of Grief Ritual Visualization

Join us for a visualization ritual to remember and honour your regrets and griefs.

Blowing them into a stone and releasing them into the water is an action of letting go with intention. We offer the lodestone, through our breath, our gifts and joys. In this way, the lodestone can remind us of our capacity to love ourselves and find joy in our lives.

Please bring 3 stones and a bowl of water.

Zoom Link

Bringing VOICE to Remembering

Let’s Remember our intimate Dying, Death, and Grief stories, and VOICE them in a coffee house style sharing.

Gently guided by Sunni, we’ll honour our own stories and expressions of the Diversities of Dying by bringing 2-3 pieces of 1-4 Minute(s) of SONG, WRITING &/or SPOKEN WORD. Each attendee will read a minimum of ONCE. Breakout rooms may be used to process more intimately.

The session will close with a non-denominational prayer.

Register here.

Remembering and Being Remembered

Join us for an interactive session on how remembering can call us to action to do things to honor the memory of one who has died; how it can lift up what the deceased has taught us so their lives continue through our own hearts; and how it reminds us that we too will have an impact on others’ lives.

Register here.

Remembering; Past, Present, & Future

Join Quinn of Hunter Funerals and Michelle of The Spirit Guided Path as they take you on a journey to explore the meaning of remembering our loved ones, and what it means to us to be remembered.

You will learn how to create memory books for those who have died, how to create legacy projects of your own, and discuss how you hope to be remembered.

A comprehensive list of resources and instructions will be provided on Quinn and Michelle’s websites following the event.

Email to Register: SpiritGuidedPath@gmail.com or Connect@HunterFunerals.ca

Remembering Well: The Art of the Eulogy

To remember well takes consciousness and intention and is a sacred act. Remarkable eulogies bring people to life so that we are inspired to set new intentions in our own lives and find ways to stay in connection with the person, their way of being in the world and unique offering to the world.

Join us to reflect on and explore the art of the eulogy.

Register here.

Hosting a Virtual Memorial


This workshop will help you design and facilitate a meaningful virtual memorial service or Celebration of Life.

You’ll learn how to create a program, what to set up before the event, and our top tips to keep calm with technology. A live Q&A will also be available for all your pressing questions. We’ll use our 150+ events of experience to give you tips for success, tricks, and creative ideas for remembering loved ones.

Living Death Ceremony

This is a ceremony that allows you to experience your death while still alive.

Participants are taken through their last words, a death meditation, shrouding, and return to life.

Taking part in this ceremony can bring healing by remembering our mortality.

Register here.

Release and Re-member

This year has been one of challenges, of difficult waters to navigate. For many, Pandemic Times have awakened us to the uncertainty of our days. We have experienced loss and upheaval and perhaps have taken greater notice of life’s small pleasures. The person we were or the life we had has changed, and we learn to move forward with what is. We are on a path of re-membering, putting the pieces together in a new way.

Join Community Deathcare Ottawa on a guided meditation journey to release what no longer serves, and to honour and remember what is carried forward in our hearts.

Register here.

What’s in it for me? Remembering the Value of Community-led Deathcare

Join Pashta MaryMoon and Tricia Keith in remembering and exploring assumptions and/or experiences with community-led deathcare and conventional funerals.

This workshop encourages attendees to consider what could be done differently in the future to make a more intimate and participatory relationship with dying and death.

Event Link | For more info and to register, email Pashta at contact@cindea.ca or call 250-383-4065

Stories of Remembering

Discussions with Ontario Death Doulas: Stories of remembering.

Engaging the public in deep conversations about death, dying, loss and grief. Sharing myths and misconceptions about the death Doula role and how Death Doulas can support and enhance grief support and loving acts of remembering.

Register here.

40 Days

Join Juno-nominated vocalist, poet, and Death Doula, Roula Said for an intimate and immersive work of re-membering and personal healing. An artful, raw, and beautiful story in words and song to Roula’s father, who died when she was 40 Days old.

The program will start with a live introduction by Roula and conclude with a question and answer after listening together to the immersive 60 minute radio play.

Register here.


Memory Tree

Come join a quiet reflective event by writing down the name(s) of those beings you love and miss.

Simple but extremely meaningful and grounding. By writing the name(s) on a ‘leaf’, hanging it in my tree to float in the wind, you remember and release them into the universe.

The names are confidential, honoured and respected.

Taking place in Welland and Toronto, ON.

Register here.

Fare Ye Well: Remembering Our People Homeward

Join us along the St. Lawrence shore, to build a raft of remembrance from natural materials, woven with our hands, words, songs, and stories, keeping in mind those who have come before, those yet to come, and those who are taking leave.

We will contemplate our lineages, sharing our sorrows and missing of those who have died from our perspective as descendants of immigrants and pioneers of the land.

Taking place in Gananoque, ON on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Event Poster | RSVP to jbpond@gmail.com by Friday, Oct. 8th

Remembering Our Grief + Gratitude

Join us in reflecting on the past 18 months, as we gather at the shore of Lake Ontario.

Words of welcome and a song will open our circle, then a simple ritual where attendees step into the circle, name the grief and/or gratitude that they want to remember, and add a nature item (ie. leaf, flower) into an eco-vessel.

A poem and launching of the vessel to release the offerings will close the ceremony.

Taking place in Kingston, ON.

Event Link | RSVP to deathcarekingston@gmail.com.



Day of Remembering

Remembering workshops will be facilitated by Death Doulas and focus on:

1) Death Stories and Lessons from Love
2) Caregiving & Remembering
3) Legacies & Memorials
4) Building Compassionate Communities

Each workshop will be 90 minutes long with Q and A.

Register here.

Well of Grief Ritual Visualization

Join us for a visualization ritual to remember and honour your regrets and griefs.

Blowing them into a stone and releasing them into the water is an action of letting go with intention. We offer the lodestone, through our breath, our gifts and joys. In this way, the lodestone can remind us of our capacity to love ourselves and find joy in our lives.

Please bring 3 stones and a bowl of water.

Zoom Link

Remembering What Matters

When we think of what really matters to us, we often look to our life for clarity.

In this participative experience we will look beyond our life to our own death and work our way into remembering our values.

This is an exercise you can go on to share with loved ones to start conversations about what really matters – now, during your dying process, and after your death.

Register here.

Remembering Yourself Home

The Healing Tools of Nature & Meditation used throughout the experience of Death

This 90 minute workshop brings you to an understanding of the healing power of a sleep-based meditation technique called yoga nidra, and how it can help during emotional times, along with an understanding of how nature can show up as a healing salve in times of transition.

The two combined can be very potent for healing and remembrance for those involved in the experience of death and dying.

Register here.

Exit Planning

Join us for an open conversation on the importance of completing an Advance Health Care Directive, a legal document that sets out how personal and health care decisions are made if you’re not physically or mentally capable of making them.

Bring all your questions about End of Life planning and learn how to give your loved ones a valuable gift to remember you by.

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The Grieving Space

Since the start of the pandemic, our communities have suffered from many types of losses and grief, including death and other physical, social, emotional and economical losses.

“The Grieving Space” will offer a supportive space and communal setting for attendees to remember losses experienced during the pandemic, and express grief through a community-based ceremony and a compassion-focused reflective practice.

This is a free event, however advance registry is required.

Register here.

Moving Through Grief: Strengthening Resilience By Remembering & Honoring

Experiencing loss or grief? Join us as we expand our capacity for resilience by connecting through the innate healing wisdom of our own hearts.

Actively connect with others through a combination of meaningful stories, heart-centered breathing techniques, visualizations, and supportive conversations.

Feel how remembering and honoring your loved ones — in appreciation, love, and gratitude — can help move you through your pain and transform the world.

Register here.

Campfire Chat to Remember

Join us for an online Campfire Chat where we’ll use The Death Deck to get the “Remembering” conversation going.

It will be a safe, welcoming, and comfortable place to chat about life & death, so we can start to lift the fear of talking about death.

Talking about our loved ones is an important part of the grief journey and this event will be a campfire chat to remember.

Register here.

Passing Conversations

Join us for a meaningful dialogue about death and dying.

Participants are encouraged to share memories of loved ones by answering questions from the Death Conversation Game deck.

The Southwestern Ontario Death Doula Network seeks to inspire discourse about community death care and educate participants about the valuable contributions death doulas make to the lives of the living and the dying.

RSVP here.

Zoom Link | Passcode: 433633

Remembering, Grieving + Healing in Song

Join Unitarian Universalist minister, the Rev. Wendy Luella Perkins, and singing friends from Kingston and beyond, for an online Soulful Singing meditation session to foster remembrance, accompany grief, and nurture healing.

Everyone is welcome and invited to sing, hum and/or listen along.

Zoom Link | Passcode: 411626

Sense Memorial: Culminating Event

What often helps sustain us in our grief is the intentional creation of stories that include the departed in our present.

Join the Koru Team for an afternoon of stories and remembering our loved ones. We’ll include stories from the Sense Memorial repository and weave them with our own.

Register here.

Do you have a story to share? Leading up to the event, please visit https://www.korucremation.com/sense-memorial/ for details on how to share.


Sharing Conversations with Gratitude

Join us in remembering people and pets, moments of joy, playfulness, and gratitude.

We invite open conversations about death and dying in a safe and informal space.

We will provide and discuss prompts for how to create a Gratitude Message; a lasting ritual for remembering your loved ones.

Taking place in Comox, BC

Event Link

Mini Boat Remembrance Flotilla

To remember and honour our loved ones who have died, please join us for a communal launching of a mini boat flotilla at sunset.

In the days leading up to the launch, participants will each make a mini boat out of eco-safe materials, in memory of their loved ones.

From wherever we are, we will envision the constellation of mini-boats built and launched by a community of remembrance.

Taking place in Wakefield, QC or wherever you are located.

Event Link