3rd Annual Swan Song Festival 2021

Swan Song Festival is an annual event to celebrate reclaiming deathcare and bring to the public what community deathcare is all about.

In 2019 the 1st Annual Swan Song Festival was the event that launched Community Deathcare Canada to the Canadian public nationwide.

Communities across Canada will be hosting unique events over the whole weekend. This year’s festival theme is “REMEMBERING” and will be a mix of online and in-person events!🕯💜

FOLLOW AND SHARE THE FACEBOOK PAGE! Use the hashtags and tag Swan Song Festival in your event posts (whether you’re hosting an event or attending) so we can share what’s going on!


Alone we are small, together we are mighty.

This is the goal of the Swan Song Festival, to unite on a national scale and bring awareness to the work of CDC and like-minded organizations across Canada.

By joining us at the festival, you’ll be part of a national network of citizens, practitioners, and organizations who are eager to transform our communities!

Check out past events: 2019 | 2020


Registering for this event will give you access to important festival updates, the full schedule of events, and links to individual event information (some events may have an admission fee).