Swan Song Festival October 19, 2019
First Annual Swan Song Festival
October 19, 2019

UPDATE FOR PARTICIPANT HOSTS: please click over to the SWAN SONG FESTIVAL 2019 website and view the sample events. Please ensure you send to jemma@communitydeathcare.ca your short description, long description, location, time, fees, and event images, PDF poster and sponsor images.


On October 19, 2019, Community Deathcare Canada (CDC) will officially launch its website with the aim of creating a national community of practice that inspires and supports Canadians to engage holistically with dying and deathcare. We envision a culture where death is reclaimed as an honoured part of life.

To help facilitate this launch and to unite the many groups across Canada that are working towards the same goals, Community Deathcare Canada is bringing together the first annual Swan Song Festival, a celebration of the re-engagement with death and dying in meaningful and community-based ways. To optimize national media coverage the CDC Core Group has chosen to begin hosting a National Swan Song Festival on an annual basis beginning on October 19th, 2019. From that date forward the annual event will be held consistently on the first Saturday following Thanksgiving.

The Swan Song Festival has been organized as a vehicle for mobilizing and catalyzing people from across Canada who are dedicated to the mission of CDC and are eager to build community awareness and support through hosting local/regional and provincial events.  These events will be open to all Canadians and contribute to building a broader movement that enlivens peoples’ imagination so that they can engage in and be truly inspired by re-engaging with dying and community deathcare.

By steering Canadians attention to the CDC website, we hope to promote the mission and goals of the national organization as well as each of the local/regional and provincial Host Teams/Partners. All of the partners will be certain to benefit from the co-branding and advertising of these events on the CDC website and with media from across Canada.

Join us in creating a local event : a death parade, a death dinner, a death poetry night, a cemetery walk, death sidewalk graffiti cafes, death cinema, a storytelling night of those dying and those grieving. Anything you can imagine! Host an event in your town or province.

If you would like to join with others in your area to host a Swan Song Festival Event and help promote the mission of CDC, review Steps to Getting Involved with Hosting an Event.

We welcome all local/regional and provincial submissions and are looking forward to collaborating with like-minded Canadians of all kinds. Please note that event submissions including a letter of intent must be received no later than May 31, 2019 EXTENDED UNTIL June 15, 2019. Event Hosts will be notified of approval by July 1st, 2019.