Hello Everyone;

We are writing to all of you because of how you have shown an interest in Community Deathcare Canada and Swan Song Festival 2020. We appreciate the role that you play in your local communities.

We want to thank all those national leaders and mobilizers that have been meeting over the past few months to organize ourselves for hosting this year’s Second Annual Swan Song Festival on October 17th.

Even though the event is still months away, we have been discussing the myriad ways that Co-vid could impact our organizing efforts. We expect that Host Teams will have to follow the guidelines laid out by each of the Provincial Ministries of Health and that will vary across Canada. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that communities will be interested in coming together and finding ways to think about and talk about the values and beliefs of Community Deathcare Canada and meet like-minded people in some way.

Throughout the conversations we have been having, we kept circling back to the idea of keeping the events simple and meaningful. We think that it would be advantageous to have an organizing theme that the local and regional Host Teams could interpret broadly and individually in any way they wish. The theme that resonated with this year’s organizers is “Honouring our Grief”. We invite you to connect your event to this theme in a way that is meaningful for your community.

We have attached a document that lays out five steps to enrolling as a Local Host Team. We ask that if you are interested please send us a Letter of Intent as outlined by August 15th, 2020. https://bit.ly/letter-of-intent-2020 Please pass this email and this document out to your networks.

We are preparing a national Save the Date Flyer for Local Host Teams to use. We will be posting information on the Community Deathcare Canada, Facebook page, and website very soon at communitydeathcare.ca. We look forward to supporting your Teams locally and provincially and broadening this community nationally through the Second Annual Swan Song. We welcome people to join the CDC National Steering Committee and take a significant role in making this Festival happen across Canada. Please contact us.

Warm appreciation,

Judith, Jemma, Constance, Madeline, Kelly on behalf of Community Deathcare Canada Second Annual Swan Song Festival Steering Committee