The handling and transfer of the deceased in Ontario

by Rochelle Martin

Recently a Toronto coroner’s office refused to release the body of a deceased son to his parents, insisting that a funeral director had to pick up the body.  The family, forced to hire a funeral director in order to claim their son’s body, had to wait to bring his body home until a willing funeral home reopened after the weekend.

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A Story of Loving, A Story of Dying

by Sue Muirhead

Last January, my husband and I moved in with my dear friend Laurie, her husband and grown son.  We had all gathered in her home because Laurie had decided, after long deliberation and much discussion, that this was her time to die.  She had asked us to support her as she had made the decision to stop eating and drinking.  She had suffered with MS for many years and had come to a point where she could no longer look after herself, in her body her suffering had become unbearable, and she was very clear she wanted to die.  All of us made the commitment that we would honor her decision and we would support her.  This was one of the most challenging and loving decisions of my life.

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