Big 2019 Wins for Family-Led Deathcare in Ontario – Part 2!

By Adriane Weller

Feb 8, 2020

Community Deathcare Canada’s Legislative Committee’s Ontario working group (CDC-ON) continued to achieve exciting things for Ontario Family-Led Deathcare (FLDC) and Green Burial (GB) in the second half of 2019!

  • CDC-ON continued to attend quarterly meetings with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) in September and November.
  • CDC-ON worked further with the BAO to include FLDC and GB in BAO resources for Ontarians:
  • BAO continued to speak to and clarify FLDC and GB for Ontario consumers and Death Service providers:
  • CDC-ON was invited to present a FLDC & GB Lunch and Learn to the BAO. This 90-minute presentation was given Nov 5th, was attended by 20 staff, and was very well-received. In-depth curated resources were provided.
  • CDC-ON successfully achieved updates to ServiceOntario Death Care webpages that now provide direct statements on FLDC and links for families to obtain Cremation Certificates from the Chief Coroner.
  • CDC-ON was approached by an Oregon FLDC advocate regarding their desire to use the page 8 chart in the new BAO Guide to Death Care in Ontario as a template to describe and share FLDC rights in Oregon. The BAO kindly provided permission and a similar chart is now on their Oregon FLDC website.
  • CDC-ON hosted a table on FLDC at the Modern Death Expo (Swan Song Event) in Elora on Oct 19th
  • CDC-ON continued an extensive and ongoing survey of crematories in Ontario, regarding their cooperation with FLDC. The final results of this survey will be presented to the BAO in early 2020.

Thanks to those on the CDC-ON committee: Laura Eisan, Ellen Newman, Rochelle Martin, and Adriane Weller for their great work on these projects!

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