“A Happy Ending”

Addendum: The handling and transfer of the deceased in Ontario

The Chief Coroner of Ontario responded to our concerns and confirmed that he has clarified with all Regional Supervising Coroners in Ontario, and their office administrative staff, “the rights, responsibilities and obligations of a family to provide respectful disposition of their loved one” according to section 7 (2) of the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act 2002. He suggested that if families have any future difficulty in communication with an Investigating Coroner when claiming the body of their next of kin, they should request to speak with the Regional Supervising Coroner, or the Regional Coroner “on call after hours,” who will be aware of families’ rights, in this regard. Furthermore, the Chief Coroner stated that he will forward a memo to all regional offices reinforcing families’ rights to claim the bodies of their loved ones after coroners’ investigations.


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