Community Deathcare Canada hopes to engage and benefit a broad range of Canadians.

Whether you are seeking to receive, provide, or promote compassionate, holistic end-of-life or death-related services, as well as related education or products, we hope you’ll be well served.

Who might YOU be?

  • Someone wanting to learn more about community-based deathcare in Canada and find an appropriate practitioner on our national map.
  • Someone ‘navigating dying’ and desiring support from a variety of end-of-life-related practitioners across Canada.
  • A family member, friend or caretaker of a seriously ill or actively dying person, seeking supportive resources.
  • Those in need of deathcare, training, advocacy, services, or products.
  • An emerging community death care practitioner wishing to list and network with other emerging practitioners.
  • An established, Canadian based, death-related professional wishing to be listed and perhaps offer educational webinars, share your insights, etc.

Are YOU Listed Here?

Someone contemplating or facing your death
Friend or family member of someone who is dying
✔ Hospice Worker
✔ Death Doula
✔ Medical Practitioner
✔ Bedside Singer, Musician
✔ Home Healthcare Provider
✔ Home Palliative Teams
✔ Shamanic Practitioner/Psychopomp
✔ Death Midwife
✔ Social Worker
✔ Ceremonialist
✔ Spiritual Care Provider/Chaplain
✔ Home Funeral Advocate/Educator/Guide
✔ Counsellor, Psychotherapist
✔ Psychologist, Psychiatrist
✔ Massage Therapist
✔ Nursing Practitioner
✔ Funeral Celebrant
✔ Art Therapist/Artist
✔ Estate Attorney
✔ Financial Planner
✔ End-of-Life Planner
✔ Ethical Will Designer
✔ Casket-maker, Casket Provider
✔ Cemetarian
✔ Green Burial Cemeterian/Counselor
✔ Cremation Specialist
✔ Funeral Director, Counsellor or Embalmer
✔ Transfer Service Professional
✔ Cremation Specialist
✔ Home Funeral Advocate, Educator, or Guide
✔ Grief & Bereavement Counsellor
✔ Online Death Educator or Resource Provider
✔ Funeral Director, Counsellor or Embalmer
✔ Transfer Service Professional

How Can You Participate?

  • You can help shape and strengthen the CDC through your volunteer participation on a CDC committee.
  • You may contribute to our blog, send news items and photos, or list or access supports and services via. our interactive map.
  • You can help through your charitable financial donations as we are currently an all-volunteer organization.
  • You can offer feedback and suggestions to help improve and expand upon our offerings, and deepen our community.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting meaningful and diverse alliances amongst fellow Canadians to foster needed holistic engagement in dying, death and bereavement.

The CDC Board of Directors, Alumni and Committee Members