Who We Are

About Us - Canadian Community for Death Midwifery

We are a growing Community of Practice made up of people who support and practice community-centered deathcare in various ways, across Canada. Some of us call ourselves deathcare practitioners (professional and lay), death doulas, thanadoulas, spiritual/soul caregivers, end of life coaches, psychopomps, home funeral guides, family members and other titles too. Practitioners are self-titled and should observe legislation that regulates the use of certain titles when we name ourselves publicly. Many of us serve on a volunteer basis in our own families and communities, while others charge fees for service. Some combine our community-centered deathcare practice with other offerings such as hospice work, massage therapy or photography, while others have a singular dedicated practice.

We share a passion to see dying and deathcare lovingly reclaimed in Canada and abroad, by co-creating an inclusive community wherein grassroots and professional practices are validated. To that end, we founded a national organization where those who practice community-centered deathcare can gather to learn from and support one another, and where the public can find out about the potential benefits of re-engaging with dying and deathcare and find practitioners to serve their unique needs.

Community Deathcare Canada is stewarded by a core group of volunteers who are passionate about the organization’s mission vision and values.