Community Deathcare Canada Welcomes You…

Community Deathcare Canada is a group of like-minded individuals, coming together in response to the needs and interests of Canadians who seek to re-engage with dying and deathcare in more meaningful, holistic, and environmentally sustainable ways!

We began as a core group of volunteers from across the country who drafted a vision, mission and values for this participatory organization.


We are co-creating a national community of practice that inspires and supports Canadians to engage holistically with dying and deathcare.


We imagine a culture where death is reclaimed as an honoured part of life.


  • We believe in the healing and transformative possibilities of a more intimate and participatory relationship with dying and deathcare.
  • We acknowledge that families and their loved ones have the inherent wisdom and the rights, both moral and legal, to care for their own dying and dead with any guidance and support they may choose.
  • We support meaningful and diverse alliances among individuals, families, practitioners, and communities to foster engagement in dying, death and bereavement.
  • We promote deeply ecological principles and practices in dying and death care.
  • We believe that death is a profound, mysterious and universal part of life, whose challenges present opportunities for loving and compassionate responses.
  • We respect and acknowledge the diverse sacred memorialization and meaning-making rituals related to dying and deathcare.

We continue to evolve, and are excited about building a community of practice which supports and promotes community-centered deathcare in Canada.

Please join us!  Explore this website to learn more about community deathcare and communities of practice.  If you practice community deathcare, and would like to list your services, or are looking for community deathcare practitioners in your area, please click here.  We look forward to building community together!



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